Flex Leagues & Awards

Flex Leagues

What is a Flex League?

Flex league. … The Flex League format groups players of similar ability together in an organized seven to ten week league that allows participants to schedule matches on their own terms. Flex League can be either singles or doubles, all organized by USAPA ratings, ensuring fair and competitive matches.

How to Schedule Matches?

Each player should contact the opponent to schedule the best time to play the match.  Anytime during the week that will accommodate each player’s schedule.  You can schedule multiple matches throughout the week. You do not have to play the matches in order.

Playoffs & Finals

Playoffs and Finals are scheduled after the regular season concludes. You can go to your Profile page to “OPT IN/OUT “ of the playoffs if you will not be able to play. If playing Doubles, both players must “OPT-IN” to play in the playoffs.

Pickleball Awards

VISA Gift Card

For every game won
you get points. Win your
division, you get 100
points. Finalists gets
250 points. Champions
get 500 points.


You decide if you would
prefer the trophy
instead of receiving the
monetary award for
winning the


Regular Playing Levels
get 20% of the fees
collected for their
levels, if they prefer
the monetary award
instead of the Trophy.